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Workers' Compensation

Anyone who has ever been hurt while on the job has probably wanted to find out more about how he or she can get paid for the injuries sustained; however, as an experienced Los Angeles workers' compensation attorney will tell you, a lot of injured workers have not taken advantage of some of their work benefits, including coverage for workers' compensation. An individual's right to workers' compensation is clearly spelled out in specific laws of the state of California. Simply stated, an employer is expected to pay premiums to an insurance company and that company will cover (or take responsibility for) any employee who gets hurt or killed during the course of his or her work or employment.

How Does a Worker Qualify for Compensation?

Workers are generally covered (or can get compensation) for any work injuries that take place as a result of their employment. More specifically, workers can qualify for workers' compensation whenever they incur a work-related injury that is caused by negligence or unsafe working environments. However, a Los Angeles workers' compensation attorney would probably advise his or her clients that there are a number of restrictions or exceptions, such as in the case of issues that can arise due to the misconduct of the employee, self-inflicted wounds, or those workers who suffer from pre-existing, long-lasting injuries.

All in all, individuals who work in the state of California can rest a little more comfortably at night knowing that they will be covered for any possible accident and future hazard that might occur in the workplace. Those who are trying to obtain benefits should also know that workers' compensation cases cannot be settled until all medical reports have been prepared and forwarded to all necessary parties. The medical reports will also need to be "rated" and the individual's percentage of disability will be assigned in accordance with California's rating guidelines (which are pre-established and unvarying throughout the state). The rating percentage is then changed to a dollar amount that will also be in accordance with a pre-established schedule.

If you are trying to obtain workers' compensation benefits and you believe that you would benefit from having the service of a Los Angeles workers' compensation attorney, please call the Law Offices of Peyman & Rahnama at (800) 505-4445 for a free consultation.