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Your Labor Rights in California

There are a number of federal laws in place to protect your labor rights in the United States. California residents are even further protected as the California Labor Code is one of the most employee-friendly labor codes in the United States. There are provisions pertaining to work breaks, pay stub requirements, and anti-discrimination all in place to protect the valued California employee. California also boasts strict overtime pay provisions – something not provided by the federal labor regulations. If you are curious about your labor rights or believe that your rights are being violated, contact a Los Angeles labor attorney right away.

California workers are entitled to rest and meal breaks depending on the length of the work shift. The law requires employers to provide a 15-minute rest break after every four hours of work and a 30-minute meal break during any shift lasting eight hours or longer. For shifts lasting 12 hours or more, two meal breaks are required. Employers are encouraged to schedule breaks as close to the middle of the shift as possible and employees are not to be required to perform work tasks while on break. If employers require employees to stay on the job site or perform any work tasks during the break, the break is compensable. Otherwise, employers are not required to pay employees during the break time.

Employers cannot participate in discriminatory practices with regard to any aspect of the employer/employee relationship. This includes decisions relating to hiring, firing, promotions, incentives, benefits, and pay. California protects all classes of people protected by the federal labor regulations and has extended these protections to include a prohibition against discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, medical condition, and marital status. If you are experiencing discrimination of this kind, you should speak to a Los Angeles labor attorney immediately.

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